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Take bookings now for 2021 classes. We have the 'Begin Bright' program for 3 - 5 year olds and tutoring for primary aged children. Our program has designed to consolidate children’s developing skills in different areas necessary for successful learning activities at school. We also have a physio-enabled program that allows children to learn the fundamentals of 10 different sports and build essential motor skills in a fun way. Your child will be able to pick the sport she wants to try out and we will give her the basic coaching for it. This will help her stay active and healthy and engage in more sporting activities when she grows bigger.This will help her hone her overall development and stay physically active and healthy. She will also make new positive connections and become more socially aware. Click on the menu to the left for more information.

We have been running our famous preschool classes and holiday workshops from Run-A-Muk in Sydney to encourage young children and develop their learning skills. You can fill the enrolment form online and you can also book a free trial class if you have any doubts.


We are also doing tutoring in the convenience and comfort of your own home. This home tutoring is especially good for a one-on-one learning environment where the child will not be easily distracted and can focus more on what is being taught. The teacher will also be able to notice the strengths of the child more easily and help her out in her home tutoring sessions. If you would like to send your kids in our pre-school where they can mingle and learn with other children. This will help them get more exposure and make them more socially developed as they will be able to interact with children of their own age and make better connections with kids their own age. Your child will also be to develop their learning skills and help each other out in this process. This is a good way to make your child more involved in the learning process and keep them more active. We focus excessively on the health and safety of your kids, our pre-school gets professionally cleaned by the best company for end of lease cleaning Sydney providing your little angles with a clean and healthy playing environment. We have a group of highly-trained and experienced teachers who can help your children become socially adept and emotionally mature individual. Our programs help kids to experiment and learn basic things of a life from scratch.

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Tina began australian-education in 2004 at the age of 20 while still at university studying primary teacher.

After 4 years of operating australian-education, she decided changing the structure was the best way to accommodate her growing family. australian-education has now ceased, and been replaced with Begin Bright early learning and primary education programs.

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