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Saturday Cooking Classes

No cooking classes are currently being run. To be notified of new dates, please send us an email.

$15 per class if booking and paying for the term, or you are welcome to come along as a casual for $18 per class, but you must let us know you are coming so we have enough ingredients!

Kids cooking classes include learning a different recipe every week, sweet things, savory things and things for dinner to give Mum a break!

Children must be OVER 5 years old.

Our cooking program:

Neenish Tarts

2 Chicken and Vegetable Stir-fry  
3 Citrus Tarts  
4 Tuscan Steak & gourmet salad  
5 Strawberry and banana muffins  
6 Breakfast food – oatmeal granola and fruit kebabs  
7 Cupcakes  
8 Nachos  
9 Choc chip cookies  
10 Pizzas  
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