Meet the team
Meet the team

PROFILE: Tina Tower

Tina Tower is now 24 years old. Growing up in a rowdy house with three brothers and a motivational mother and father, Tina quickly learnt to never give up and that she could do anything in the world if she tried hard enough.

Despite planning on becoming a primary school teacher throughout her entire schooling life, Tina finished high school and started a business degree at the University of Technology Sydney.

After she was told by her lecturer that she was ‘not serious enough for the corporate world’, Tina agreed and transferred to a teaching degree at the University of Sydney. In her second year of university, she became bored and restless and took community courses in photography, massage and sign language. Still not satisfied, she took a soul-searching journey to India where she discovered an urge to start her own tutoring centre and educational toy store.

Australian Education was opened in 2004 when Tina was just 20 years old. She credits her success to having 'no idea' and a strong commitment to customer service. Today Australian-Education has grown to have a wide selection of educational toys, a tutoring and pre-school centre, a party place, and art and craft workshops.

Tina has now finished her university degree, but continues her business education through networking and business books. She lives in South Sydney with her wonderful and supportive husband Mat, their new baby Kai and their beautiful dog Chase.

 Australian-Education team

Australian Education Team


Terri is a mother of two and has been a part of Australian Education since her two daughters started school in 2007. She has the skills only motherhood can teach and has the practical knowledge and experience to help your children learn. Terri is our fantastic Letterland and school readiness teacher loved by the kids.

Jane is a primary teacher in the making, currently studying at Sydney University. She is the perfect person to talk to in store to discover the educational toys and resources to help your childs learning.

Emma is our party host. When you come to our creative birthday parties, you will no doubt be entertained by Emma and have heaps of fun!

You will see Hayley Monday - Wednesday to help you find the perfect toy for your little ones.

Sarah is a qualified primary school teacher and fantastic tutor for Australian Education. Being a teacher and having her own beautiful baby in 2007, she encourages and helps your children to learn with love.

We all look forward to meeting you at Australian Education.


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