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In 2009 we are doing private home tutoring!

School Holiday tutoring is going for
three weeks Mon 5th Jan - Thurs 22nd Jan. Offering once or twice a week on a Monday and/or Thursday.

Then we have a break for a week when the kids start school and begin tutoring in week 2 on 2nd Feb.

Please send me an email for times available for Term 1.

As it is in homes, we aredoing 45 min or 1 hour sessions cost 45 min $55 or 1 hour $75. If you have a sibling or friend that can come to your house so it's in the one spot, we can do two 30 min sessions for $40 each.

Big School -Who's Ready?

School Readiness Assessments are available. Includes a 45 minute individual assessment covering shapes, numbers, letters and fine motor skills. Then we spend 15 minutes with you to show you different things you can do with your child at home to help them excel. $70

I am a firm believer that our school system does a great job. However with so many kids in one class, needs can sometimes not be adequately addressed. Private tutoring gives your child an advantage in knowing their content and having more confidence in class. We do one on one to ensure that your child gets all of our attention or tutroing for children in years 3 -6 in groups of three .

Reading Encouragement

Learning to read can often be a difficult and frustrating experience. Reading Encouragement is a one to one specialised session to assist children with learning to read. We use a range of techniques to encourage reading and to make the learning process enjoyable. We combine knowledge of phonetics and letters to promote the exploration of books and learning. Our key to helping children learn to read is first helping them to enjoy books and encouraging them to want to read. This is a 30 or 45 minute session.


The mathematical world of numbers can become very daunting if it is not understood. In this one to three tutorial, children are given real life maths problems to suit their developmental needs. As they improve they are given more challenging work so that their potential can be reached. Concrete learning aids are used in these tutorials such as counters and geometrical shapes to help make the numbers on the page relate more to our everyday lives.





English tutorials can be utilised to enhance imagination and to improve writing skills and techniques. In a tutorial your child has the option of focusing on one of our three main topics, writing, spelling and comprehension. Writing goes through the different styles such as narrative, explanation, recount and exposition and shows children ways to write interesting and engaging pieces of writing.
Spelling explores the world of phonetics and the techniques that are used to be an accurate speller. This involves using the dictionary to find meanings of words that can in turn assist in learning to be a good speller.
Comprehension involves exercises of reading and retaining knowledge to answer questions, and also hearing information and being able to record that. We explore different techniques of answering questions and also memory exercises.

We are now taking enrolments for Term One which runs from the 2nd February - 9th April

One on one tutoring
One hour session: $75
45 minute session: $55
30 minute session:

$39 or

$35 if you're coming twice a week.

Tutoring group of 3: $50 1 hour

Tutoring Assessment

involves 45 min assesment and 15 minute consultation with parent.


Click here to download the Australian-Education Tutoring brochure.

Added information

When joining tutoring for a term block, your child will be originally assessed to identify their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. They will then receive a progress report that is completed at the end of each tutorial.

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